About Spartacore

Spartacore Personal Training was developed by National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, Aaron Molinsky. The Spartacore training system is designed to work wherever you like to workout most. Don't like training in a gym with traditional weights? How about training in your favorite park, or in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter what your goals are, Spartacore will get you results. 

"I chose to go to school to be an EMT/Firefighter, so that I could help people. But what I soon realized was that I was often helping people after it was too late. As an EMT you help people when they are having a heart attack. I decided I wanted to help people avoid the heart attack in the first place, and the best way to do that is through personal training." ~Aaron Molinsky

The hard part about fitness is that there is so much information to read through, and countless hours spent trying to find what works for you, that most people just give up. With Spartacore Aaron will teach you everything you need to achieve your personal best. Aaron has been training for over fifteen years and studied fitness on many differant levels. From his own trial and error, to becoming an Emergancy Medical Technician, to NASM master trainer, Aaron has learned critical knowledge about how the body works and how to best attack the road blocks keeping you from your goals. 
The park is a perfect place for a Spartacore workout.
The park is a perfect place for a Spartacore workout.

Spartacore trains clientele throughout the San Francisco bay area.